Cattelan Italia

YODA Keramik

One of the most popular models among Cattelan Italia's round dining tables is the Yoda family, consisting of several variants from which to choose to personalise your design dining room. The base consists of a central truncated cone, the robust appearance is lightened by the metallic finish and by the connection with the narrow, recessed top, as if to resemble a long, elegant neck supporting the table top.
The family includes the round glass table Yoda and the version with a precious wood top Yoda Wood. For lovers of material effects, Yoda Keramik is the round or oval ceramic table, available in numerous appealing options ranging from soft to bright colours. Completing the family is the Yoda Argile model with a spatulated clay top, made in a round or oval version and in different earthy and natural shades. Its organic and rough appearance is evidence of the brand's path towards sustainable design, derived from natural materials and worked with low-energy techniques.


Due to the variety of combinations available it is difficult to price every option on line.
For a quote please call us or send us an email and we promise to get back to you within the day.


Price Start €5,350.00


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